Sunday, June 20, 2010

Design/Sewing in Denver

I recently got back from a week in Denver, Colorado for the HOW Design Conference. I was sent with two other artists from work. We had a great time and learned a good bit about the new Adobe Software CS5. The new version of Photoshop does some pretty amazing things. We also took classes on color theory, moving from print design to web design, how Google works, and many other topics. It was a pretty fun adventure. I had never been to Colorado. It was gorgeous... but SUPER hot.
Most of our days were jam packed but of course we did find a bit of time for shopping. I had researched one fabric shop I wanted to visit before we left Alabama. So the three of us walked several blocks and took a short bus ride to Fancy Tiger. It was love at first sight. I can honestly say it was my favorite fabric store I have ever been to in person. (Well... except maybe for the Fabric District Shopping in LA with my sister in law.) They had lots of fabric, precious patterns and kits, and a second floor for knitting and spinning. I could have spent hours there.

My other favorite place we found was Magical Scraps. Their exterior was so precious... complete with a fabric banner that I loved. They had the most precious destination shirts I have ever seen. They were appliqued and then had the city name underneath. Who says souveniers have to be cheesy! This store was in an old home and it had and entire room of handmade children's appliqued t-shirts, hairbows, dresses, pacifer clips, etc. The designer does a really good job at having good stuff for boys! Usually all this stuff is so girly. They also had plenty for ladies, handmade purses, appliqued shirts and much more. If you are ever in the area you should for sure check out this store... if not she has an etsy shop. I am sure you could order anything you wanted from there.

Denver was a lot of fun. But I sure was glad to get home to the good old South and my family.

Show Your Patriotism

Good Morning Everyone,
I just found out Grace Hester Designs featured one of my Dollies in a super cute Red White and Blue Etsy Treasury. Check it out. My Dollie has some good company.

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Blog Love

Hello Followers,

Sorry I have been out of town for the HOW Design Conference and have not been able to dedicate time to Miss Baker Stitches. But there will be more to come soon. Including some photos from some cool shops I got the chance to check out in Colorado!

For now just a short post to let you know Miss Baker Stitches was featured on Rocker Bye Baby's blog on Friday... check it their etsy site! They have some cool stuff.

Talk more soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Want to Win a Dolly Rattle Teether?

If so hop on over to Toddler Awesome. Emma is excited and having a Birthday Bash for her son Ollie... a week long (well, 5 day) celebration in honour of her little man turning 2 on the 5th June! This week she will be having 15 giveaways (maybe 16!). There will be 3 a day, Monday to Friday and the winner's will be announced on 6th June, so make sure to get your entries in quickly! The giveaways each day will be posted at approximately 7am, 2pm and 9pm (GMT because she lives in Ireland) and all giveaways will remain open until 6th June.

There are several ways to get multiple entries, so make sure to read the fine print. ;) And there are lots of other things to win... so make sure to look around at the other posts!

Thanks Emma... and Happy Happy Birthday Precious Ollie!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow! First feature in an Etsy Treasury

I got an email over the weekend that BoutiqueLuckyStars featured one of my dolly rattles in a etsy treasury. Sadly it was down before I got home to see it. But luckily Joey and Aleethea were also featured and they took this screen capture for their blog!

Check out all these folks on etsykids. It is a wonderful place to find cool stuff for your kiddos!

Thanks BoutiqueLuckyStars and Joey and Aleethea... Love your goodies!